6 Top Secret Places Censored By Google Maps – And Why

The Secret Censored Maps

Google Maps is probably one of the best inventions made has ever made in the recent years. It has helped people discover places that they’ve never been to before.

It has also helped travellers find their way back  to their hotels. But did you know that there are certain places on Google Maps  that are censored?

Yes, there are places in Google Maps that are either  censored or blurred. It might be censored to protect the location’s privacy, or  it might be an important location that’s protected by the government, or maybe  it’s a secret hiding spot for aliens.

6 Top Secret Places Censored By Google Maps

Who knows? Don’t believe us? Well, here  are 6 censored places on Google Maps:

1. Roses, Spain

If you look up Roses in Spain you’ll see an odd black shape.  That’s probably because of the fact that Roses is one of the playground of the
rich and the famous.

There are a number of mansions in the area that’s owned by  rich celebrities and politicians that wants to enjoy their privacy.

No secret military base here, just a bunch of rich people enjoying their privacy.

2. The entire country of Israel

It’s pretty common to see one specific area in a country to  be censored or blurred but it’s different but the country of Israel. You see,  the entire country of Israel is blurred.

When you zoom in in one of the places,  it never really fully clears up unlike other places in the world.

It just  remains blurry. That’s because of an act that was passed in 1997 that prohibited certain quality satellite imagery of Israel to be available for  commercial use.

But this act only applies to American companies like Google.

3. Volkel Air base, Netherlands

The Volkel Air base might be based in the Netherlands but it has connections to the US.

When you search the location on Google Maps you’ll see a big chunk of land that looks like military fatigue. That’s because it services both the Netherlands and the US by holding ammunition and repairing  the 52 D Fighter Wing in the area.

4. Minamitorishima Air Field

This Japanese island served as a home to transmitters used  to communicate with nuclear submarines and the Japanese maritime self-defense  force later on.

The island has been deserted for quite some time now but when  you look it up on Google Maps you’ll see some areas that are suspiciously  whitewashed. Are they secretly up to something over there?

5. Mururoa Atoll

The reason why you’ve probably never heard of Mururoa Atoll  is because it’s located in the middle of the South Pacific.

But strangely  enough, if you look it up on Google Maps, you’ll see that half of the island is  in ultra-low resolution.

That’s because 175 French nuclear weapons was tested  here in the 20th century. Coincidentally, those tests were done in  the part of the island that’s hard to see on Google Maps.

6 Top Secret Places Censored By Google Maps

6. The Mexico-America Border

The Mexico-America Border is a pretty huge talking point.  They take their security seriously over there so it’s no surprise to see that  the Mexico-America border is blurred on Google Maps.

When you see the Hudspeth county in Texas, you’ll see that the image is distorted. That’s to prevent any  illegal smuggling of drugs or weapons in the country.


6 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

Businesses Fail

Many reasons can lead to the failure of a business, no matter how big or small it is. When starting any business, your main aim is gaining as much as you can, and failure is usually the last thing you expect. One mistake new business owners make is rushing to make money, without  familiarizing themselves with the rules of the game.

Make sure you are conscious about what you want to achieve, and how you will achieve such goals. So as to get to such a point, you need to know what makes someone successful in their business, as well as factors that affect their success. This article will focus on the various factors that make someone fail in their business:

  1. Lack of capital

Capital is an essential part of any business. Though it is mostly used to start the business, the capital must also be enough to sustain the business for at least six months or so. Many entrepreneurs, which are too eager to start their own business fail because of the lack of capital to maintain their business until clients could come in.


  1. Lack of experience

Other than the capital, experience, and knowledge in the business are also very important. According to many experts, though capital is used to maintain the business, experience and knowledge are said to be used to sustain the business until it reaches its success. These, along with the lack of capital, are some of the few reasons why many businesses, such as a wholesale clothing business, fail in their first year.


  1. Lack of clients

Lack of experience means lack of customers which in turn means the lack of income. Because of this, many businesses would eventually fail within a few months. Many experts agree that before starting a business, such as a wholesale clothing business, make sure that you already have a stable number of clients that would do business with you after you started your own business.

Having the knowledge of where to get more clients is also a big factor in the success of a business. There are many ways to get more clients. According to many experienced entrepreneurs, business conventions are popular events in which people could meet other business owners, who could also turn out to be clients for them. Other than business conferences, business magazines, and the Internet are also popular places to look for clients.

6 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

  1. Lack of passion

Passion is everything. Other than capital and experience, one should also be passionate about their business. According to many experienced entrepreneurs, passion and love of the business are what allows them to continue on their business even though it failed.

Passion allows them to have the courage and strong will to face every risk that comes into their business.

  1. Lack of uniqueness

Being unique is important. How you differ from your compeition is a unique selling point. It assures the clients that you have your own vision. What else is more pleasing to a client than original ideas, which they are sure the seller has adequate knowledge about?

We all like being original, which is why people would pay a little extra for something unique. It’s good to make sure that your business has its own uniqueness, such that even other business owners feel like they would like to copy your ideas.

  1. Inconvenient locations

There are kinds of businesses that highly depend on ease of access or passing trade, and for such businesses, location is key, if you want to succeed. As much as quality services make customers travel a long way to access the service provider of their choice, the distance involved will also matter a great deal. Make sure that your business is easily accessible to your clients so that everything about your business becomes perfect.


The above reasons are what you need to be aware of, before embarking on any business journey. Keep in mind that any wrong move could make things go wrong, and you will have no one to blame, given that you had the chance to make things right.