Guide To DIY Carpet Cleaning In 10 Steps

Quick Guide To DIY Carpet Cleaning In 10 Steps

Easy Steps To Clean Your Own Carpets

Quick Guide to DIY Carpet Cleaning in 10 steps

While some people’s first thought whenever their carpets are stained is to break out the carpet cleaning machine or to call a professional service, not everyone has that luxury. Fortunately, you can clean your carpet using the tools you have in your kitchen and bathroom.  Here are some steps you need to follow to make that stain a thing of the past!

Step 1. Blot the Stain As Quickly As You Can… Don’t Rub

Taking a towel and dabbing at the stain, regardless of the stain, will have to be your first response. Blotting is the best method for quickly absorbing excess liquid and picking up any solid pieces. While your first instinct may be to rub the stain, you will actually be pushing the stain deeper into the carpet fibers and breaking any solid bits apart. Thus, making it more difficult to clean.

Step 2. Figure Out The Type Of Stain You Have

This should be easy, but knowing what is staining your carpet is going to tell you what you need to do to clean it up. Sticky areas, watery stains, thick stains, and grease stains are all common stains that can occur to your carpet.  However, they all have very different ways to be cleaned.

Step 3. Freeze Sticky Areas

While no one likes getting gum in your hair, it’s even worse whenever gum or other sticky stains get into the carpet. That problem isn’t going to be solved with a pair of scissors, but instead with some ice. Ice makes sticky and stretching things cold and brittle, making it much easier to pick up. Check out this video to see how it’s done.

Press some ice to the gum and let it freeze.  Use a spoon to lift up the frozen glob and cut away any excess still stuck to the carpet.

Step 4. Use Grease Soap To Battle Grease

Grease can be a nightmare to remove from your carpet. This is because water typically doesn’t do a thing to get it out. However, there’s a product in your kitchen designed to remove grease from surfaces: The humble dish soap. By combining the dish soap with some warm water, you can spray the stain and blot it up.

Step 5. Use Baking Soda and Salt

Baking soda can easily collect most stains and dirt. You just need to coat the stain with some soda and a few drops of warm water. Wait a couple of hours or overnight, and come back with a towel. Remove the baking soda with the towel and the stain should be gone.

Stain RemovalSalt can be used if you end up spilling red wine on your white pristine carpet, because the salt absorbs the liquid. Once it turns red, you can simply vacuum up the salt and keep going with this process until the stain goes away.

Step 6. Aerate Your Rugs

Sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, The easiest way to keep rugs clean is to get them outside and scrape them with a brush. Shake them out to get any other scraps loose and then leave it in the sun for a while. It does prevent bacterial growth and stops those scraps from festering.

Step 7.DIY Disinfecting

If you want to disinfect the carpet without renting a steam cleaner, you can once again turn to vinegar. Mixing three parts of water with one part of white vinegar, will allow you to do a deep clean of your carpet. Dip a brush into the solution and scrub into the carpet, using a towel to dab up any excess.

Step 8.Remove Odors With Vinegar

You might find that while the stain is gone, the odor remains, and if the odor is strong it can cause a lot of problems. In order to remove the odor at its source rather than simply covering it up, you can use vinegar to remove it. Mix a solution of half vinegar and half water, spray it over the carpet, and then just vacuum it away.

Carpet Odor Removal

Step 9. Clean Pet Hair With A Lint Brush

Even if you have a pet that isn’t a shedder, there is going to be an instance where you find hair that isn’t yours on your carpet. If you don’t have a vacuum, then you can use a lint brush to collect the loose hair to prevent the hair from building up.

Step 10. React Quickly

Finally, whenever you have a stain or a spill, react quickly. While it can be an instinct to freeze and watch the stain spread, you need to make sure that you are moving quickly. The faster you can get a handle on the stain, the less time it has to get into your carpet.


Major Advantages of End of Lease Cleaning by a Professional Cleaner

Do you want to know the advantages of hiring end of lease cleaning services? When it comes to moving to a new location, the process can be both exciting and challenging.

That’s because you need to clean the house you have been living in to enable you to get the bond you gave when gaining entry.

You may choose to do the cleaning by yourself or hire a professional end of lease cleaning company to do the cleaning. However, you should realize that cleaning the house yourself will save you money, but you may fail to do the job properly.

The result is you risk losing one month’s rent. The best solution should be to hire end of lease cleaners like Pro Bond Cleaning Sydney with physical offices in your locality.

They have experience in ensuring your house is in perfect condition, which means you will get back your bond. In this informative article, we’ll look at the major advantages of hiring these professionals to do this service.


Insurance Coverage

Depending on your local government regulations, end of lease cleaning companies should have insurance coverage and be licensed to operate within your location. That means in the event of an unfortunate accident, your property and yourself will be covered.

It means that one advantage of hiring these professionals is that you will have peace of mind that they will use safe cleaning methods and know where to buy the cleaning supplies.

Every procedure will be done professionally, meaning you will have time to plan your relocation. Remember this process requires lots of time and energy, which means you, should save money by hiring them to do the cleaning.

End of Lease Cleaning


Hiring an End of Lease Cleaning Company Will Save You Money

You may think that it will be expensive if you choose to hire a professional end of lease cleaner. The truth is if you do your research properly and review their costs, you will save money in the end.

If you choose to do it yourself, you will have to spend time looking for the best cleaning equipment and supplies, something that the cleaning company should have done.


You Will Get Back Your Bond

The best way to ensure you get your bond back is by hiring a professional end of lease cleaning service. As you move out of your house, the property manager will assess the house to determine if you damaged anything.

If you leave the house in the same state it was when moving in, the chances of getting your bond back will increase.Your choices will be to carry out any repairs required and do the cleaning or hire an end of lease cleaning company.

For the best outcome, you should hire the cleaning company since they will ensure the house is clean, just as the way you found it. These professionals know where to clean and ensure you get back your bond.


They Use Standard Cleaning Chemicals and Equipment

End of lease cleaning services use the latest machines and premium chemicals when the cleaning the house. That means they ensure proper cleaning is carried out and use safe chemicals.

The best ones will even give the option of choosing whether to use eco-friendly cleaning products to protect the environment.


Saves You Valuable Time

You should realize that end of lease cleaning is one task that consumes a lot of time and is daunting. The reason is you need to do other pressing tasks as you move out.

It means that if you choose to do the process yourself, you will have to put other tasks on hold. By hiring experts, you will take care of other pressing needs as the company cleans your home.

The result is you will have peace of mind and save time for other routines.


You Won’t Have To Repeat the Cleaning Task

The last thing on your mind is having to run back and do some repeat cleaning on the old property. For instance, you may forget to clean some crucial places such as the drains, blinds, and fan blades or on the light fittings.

End of Lease Cleaning

Professional end of lease cleaning services guarantee their work, meaning in case of other issues. The property manager or landlord will be the one to correct any matter. That means for you, settling in your new home will be a smooth experience.

These companies offer clients quality services since they are well trained. And they will ensure your old rental property looks clean and amazing. You will be satisfied with the work they provide.



The above informative article on the benefits of hiring a professional end of lease cleaning service. It should make you consider contacting one within your locality.

For the best outcome, read their online reviews to enable you to know how previous clients rated their services.